Ships Blog 7th December 2017

Morning all, prepare for an arctic blast over the next few days as storm Caroline makes it way across northern Scotland. This will draw down the arctic air behind it from this afternoon on wards. Colin Byford our duty lock master today is out on the marina at the moment checking that all the boats are secure and that no sails have accidentally unfurled or come loose. The tidal surge forecast for the next 24 hours indicates that tomorrows tides will be 0.75m above prediction. However with the tides falling away from springs there is no threat of flooding at the moment.

Ships Blog 17th November 2017

Morning all and welcome to a bright, sunny but chilly Harwich Harbour. Current weather forecast a bit up and down at the moment. It seems to see saw between relatively mild to short cold snaps! We have a change of plan for lock closure in 2018, we are reverting to a two week closure, 22nd January to February 2nd. We have some more work to do before we can fully refurbish the inner gates and the hinges. The major work is now planned for Jan/Feb 2019. Other news, Anglian Water are carrying out some work on Bristol Hill over the next few weeks which will mean traffic control on the hill while they do the work. Building work continues apace with the new apartments at the Shotley Lodge site. Finally the winter layup forms are coming in thick and fast so if you have not done so already can you make sure we have yours asap if you want to book a lift out for the winter.

Ships Blog 23rd October 2017

Its been an interesting October weather iwse with various storms in the offing. Storm ‘Brian’ passed of without too much incident here at the marina. It looks like the west coast of the UK had the brunt of it. You should have all had the yellow winter layup forms by now. Get them back in early if you want to book a lift or have any work to be done by the work shop. Martin and Guy are always happy to discuss your requirements. Don’t forget there is also a lay up form on our website. Lock closure for 2018 has been set to run from January 22 to Feb 2nd. Finally our picture is of the Border Force boat ‘Alert’ locking in for one of her regular overnights with us.

Ships Blog 25th August 2017

Ok so whats going on? We have a bank holiday weekend about to start and the forecast is good for the whole time. Well best not ask the reason why, just enjoy it. We have a lot of visiting boats booked for the weekend including Felixstowe Ferry Sailing club and Orwell Yacht Club. Although it will be busy we will do our best to fit everyone in, give the Control Tower a call on 01473 788982 to book a berth. Have a good one!